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The beauty of the manufactured home is because it is has this negative stigma that a lot of people have head trash problems with it creates an opportunity for someone who’s really smart, I don’t mean high I.Q. I mean they understand that there’s more potential and in the world of investing for income there’s just more, better opportunities to make more income and more profit per deal you do. What’s happening right now is people learn that you can make money flipping houses so they go to an auction. They go to a tax sale. They go to real estate sites and they’re literally driving up the prices of these homes to where it’s just not as profitable as manufactured housing. I buy and sell mobile homes and I teach people how to do it. It’s something that can put cash in their pocket quickly and doesn’t require a lot of upfront cash. It’s enabled me to cover all my expenses every month passively just with the income I’m getting off of mobile homes.

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  1. robert
    I have been looking for a way to get a hold of some info on your bootcamp in Aug. Will you only be covering mobile home or will you going into commercial and other forms of investing. Looking forward to you answer
    Met you at the Atlanta Reia

  2. What a thorough explanation Robert! I have been contemplating of buying a townhouse before but thought it wasn’t a good idea considering the fact that I have been transferred into different states for the past 5 years. My family was already getting used to moving out and renting again on a different state. What you’ve shared inspired me to look forward to having a mobile home. A stylish mobile home which suits a on-the-go mom like me! Will surely contact you for further details. Thank you!

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