How to Afford Your New Yacht

Hi, this is Robert Woodruff with The Keys. Today I’m hanging out in The Keys again and hanging out around a bunch of really nice boats that you can see back here in the picture and it made me think of a video to shoot real quick because I wanted to talk to you about how you can afford to own one of these boats, even one of these nice ones. I’m talking a yacht, okay. So if you look at how much a yacht would cost on paper, how much a payment is, well the payment for one of these you could get a half million dollar yacht right now for like $350,000 if you find a good deal. So of course we do that subject too just like I teach in the course and the payment on it would be $2,500 a month or about $2,400. That’s 6% at 20 years financing so imagine if it’s only $2,400 a month and you can get $300 a month off of one of these low risk assets I show you to pick up for $5,000 a piece well how many is it going to take to be able to pay for that yacht? Well the answer is 8. All you need is 8 low risk investments in the bank and you got your payment for your yacht. It’s paid for, it doesn’t have to come out of your pocket and you just help some rich person get out of trouble by taking over their boat for them. Alright. Talk to you soon. Bye.

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  1. Before, the thought of having a yacht was a grandiose thing. But with your clear explanation of the specifics, I realized how practical and realistic of an investment it is. Thanks for the enlightenment!

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