Freedom Of Movement “The Lifestyle Choice Of a Real Estate Investor”

Freedom of movement may be one of the biggest freedoms you are going to enjoy in this profession. With today’s cell phone technology, you could be anywhere your heart desires and still field your calls and emails. Whether it be in Tampa, FL., or Cancun Mexico, you can still field all of your calls. If you happen to miss a call, call them back as soon as you possibly can. When buyers are hot to buy, they are HOT! Don’t squander a chance at a sale. Not too long ago I was on vacation in Clearwater, Florida, and sold a home in Charleston, SC! A student of mine recently sold a home of mine in Charleston while he was in Charlotte!!

My first investing rep and I used to go out in the morning and advertise for our buyers and sellers and would be chilling out at the pool by noon. We’d sit around at the pool and field all the phone calls that would flood in from our advertising and marketing efforts. We immersed ourselves in a really comfortable setting and enjoyed our work. Be creative. Think about your quality of life. Freedom of Movement provides you with a better Quality of Life.

If you want children or already have children, I highly suggest this profession. Freedom of Movement enables you to spend more time with your family.  Being able to answer your phone anywhere you choose allows you to travel to and from without much need for an office. Since you do not need an office for this profession, it’s possible to work from home, or your local Chuck-E-Cheese . No more slaving away long hours at a job missing the development of your children.

When I get up every morning, I usually follow banker’s hours. As I walk down my driveway in the morning, I realize that everyone in the neighborhood has already left for the day.  Because of Freedom of Movement, I am still here. Even my wife and children have gone for the day. How come? Why does my cul-de-sac look like such a ghost town by 9:00 a.m.? All of my neighbors obviously had somewhere to go. Even my wife, who’s a doctor, has to be at an office.

Real Estate Investors buy and sell homes to people. Often, I do this over the phone. When somebody asks me where my office is, I give them the address of the home they’d like to see. If I had an office, I may be expected to be there, and that would limit my Freedom of Movement. For this reason, it’s an easy choice for me to not have an office.

Most people have to be at work by the time the 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. bell rings. It’s just like an extension of high school. The majority of Americans will graduate high school and college only to go to work for someone else for the remainder of their lives. What they do, where they do it, and what time they show up and leave is all dictated by someone else. Even the number of personal phone calls they can receive or cigarettes they can smoke is dictated to them.  So I must ask, “Are they genuinely free?”

Would you like to enjoy Freedom of Movement, Financial Freedom, or increase your Quality-of-Life???

Would You like to break-out of the Rat Race and enjoy the lifestyle of a Real Estate Investor?

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  1. I have been employed for 3 decades. Though I am thankful for the blessing of a stable job. I cannot deny the fact that I am looking forward to enjoy the “Freedom of Movement”. Very interested. Please let me know of the specifics. Thank you Mr. Woodruff.

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