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Real Living!

Many people feel guilty if they’re not working a full day, 9-to-5. If they’re taking “too many” vacations. If they take off in middle of the week to go on a hike with their significant other or to spend time with their children.
People look at them and think, “Doesn’t he have a job?” But I can tell you from my own experience that when you’re in that situation, you just smile to yourself because you know what real living is and you understand what it took to get there.
 There’s a confidence to having your own real estate investing business, a confidence that comes from having built it up from scratch, and having nurtured it into financial success. And that creates true independence.

You no longer need to rely on a “steady” job, a corporate paycheck, or a government pension for your long-term stability, lifestyle, and success. You are truly independent and can stand on your own knowing you can successfully tackle, and profit from, any challenges that are thrown your way. Your life becomes full of options. Options that you choose to further explore and discover.

A Program For The Serious Minded
Money flows based on your ability to stay focused. What should you focus on? The small number of things that give you a high return!   A mentor helps you know what to focus on. A mentor helps save you time from learning it from scratch and reinventing the wheel. Yes, there’s conflicting advice out there. Everyone tells you something different and if you tried to follow them all you’d be contradicting yourself. Sure there are multiple systems that work, but when someone tries to learn 3 different systems at the same time you end up going nowhere.

So how do you stay focused? The single best way is to work hand-in-hand with someone who has a proven system that works. Then master their system.   Yes, life happens and things will get in the way, but you can’t allow anything to knock you off your course, including mis-prioritizing your time and money or self-sabotaging in a moment of doubt. Having a mentor to show you the path, hold you accountable to keep on that path, and to get you back on course if you derail, is a key benefit to my Mentoring Program.

You need to know how to go and take action in an effective way. Rather than dealing with things that take up time but don’t give big bang for your buck, or menial tasks that other programs keep you busy with, I focus you only on things that have an immediate high payoff in both time and money.

Which Path to Choose? “One good insight was worth the whole program”. I hear that a lot from my students. They rave about getting much more than their money’s worth.

…It only takes one idea to change everything. …It only takes one idea to set you on the path to massive wealth and success. …One idea is worth it all.   Imagine the confidence that comes from knowing that you can get where you want to be more quickly because you can get the exact guidance you need when you need it, and you can avoid reinventing the wheel.

Real life knowledge and book knowledge are two different things. Yes, you need the books. Yes, you need the knowledge. But then you also need someone who answers the phone to help when you’re stuck and clueless, who will reply to your emails when you have a real situation that needs a real answer. A customized answer specific to your exact situation, because not all the questions that get thrown at you have a cookie-cutter answer to them. Face it, there are times you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, times you’re not getting enough traction on your own. Realize now that if something is going to change, something has to change. From my first deal in the early days that almost caused my financial ruin and risked knocking me out of the business permanently, I’ve taken my share of defeat and made mistakes. But I stayed in, kept my head up, and have fought my way back to the top. You need someone who’s already made the mistakes so that you don’t have to make them on your own. You need someone who knows the systematic process for making profitable deals happen. Someone who can navigate the twists and turns with you.

We all have goals and dreams

Image being able to achieve yours.
Imagine having wealth, control and independence.
Imagine being able to take care of your family and not have to compromise.
✔ Imagine a lifestyle full of options and choices.

Think you can’t do it because of who you are or where you come from? It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from — everyone can do it and everyone can succeed. There are no pre-existing limits. In the world of real estate investing you start fresh. The slate is clean. You are what you make of yourself. My program shows you how to be the best you can be.

Are you serious?

Each month I accept a maximum of 3 students into the program. I accept students who are ready to be handed a system, are willing to follow it, and to be mentored by the mentor, not just guess what works and what doesn’t work.   I’m only interested in working with those who are serious. You’re serious if you are:

✔ Ready to follow step-by-step instructions from someone who’s already done what you want to do
✔ Ready to implement the fun parts as well as the tedious parts
✔ If you want and value being held accountable to a coach and mentor. We’re looking for serious business builders, not wishful thinkers.

If you are serious about being successful in real estate investing, then you should apply for one of the 5 free strategy sessions I give away each month so we can get to know each other and see if you are a good fit for the program. From this session you will greatly benefit from discovering a sense of clarity about the ideal investing strategy for you, your situation, and your aspirations — and what’s stopping you from having a steady flow of deals that perfectly fit your investment criteria.

You’re eligible to apply for a Free Strategy Session if:
1. You believe you should be able to add $100,000 or more to your income in the coming year through real estate investing – even if you don’t know how
2. Doing so is your top priority
3. You are a self-starter who is taking action Complete this application to apply for “Your Personalized Real Estate Road Map” Strategy Session

Robert Woodruff
Cash Flow Expert

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