Be Do Have “The Secret To Achieving Your Dreams”

Hi everybody, this is Robert Woodruff from Woodruff Investing Inc. and “The Keys to Cash Flow.” I wanted to come to you today and tell you about a beautiful little thing that I’ve learned over the years becoming a real estate investor. This is a tool or “golden nugget” that helped me achieve my dreams. This led me to become a real estate investor and I didn’t even know what to call it. Now that I found out about it, it completely makes sense and that’s exactly what I used at the time, I just didn’t know it. So, I figured this would be a very important thing to bring to you today so that you can learn from it; so that you might aspire to become,“not only try to become” but actually become whatever it is that you are setting your dreams on. Okay, just for this article, we’re going to use my story which is becoming a real estate investor.
When I became a real estate investor, when I decided that I was going to be a full-time flipper, I had already done a couple mobile homes, but then came back to the houses. Just like so many of us,I wanted get-in on the high market. I wanted to start cashing out big checks and that’s what actually got my attention. I decided after getting my first course and reading it, I looked at my wife and I told her;“I’m a full time real estate investor now.” She laughed and chuckled. At that point, I hadn’t really got into the real estate aspect of invesing much. She just chuckled,“whatever silly.” I said, “No, that’s what I am. I am officially a full-time real estate investor.” Then she’s asked, “What about my college education & my part time job?” I said,“I’ll keep it. I’m going to start doing this and I’m going do this and put all my extra time into it and this is what I am and this is what I am right now.” Over the next week, I told everybody that we knew that I was a real estate investor. When we came back home at the end of eachevening, she looked me and said,“Bobby, what the heck are you talking about?” “You haven’t done your first big real estate deal yet. How can you be telling people that you are a real estate investor?” ….It’s one thing to have a support structure, but then when the person that you know and love the most looks at you and says,“What in the world are you thinking?Sometimes you may have to have thick skin to get through this part, I know I did.
There is a means to an end when it comes to this, and that’s what I’m here to tell you about today. When it comes to HAVing whatever you set your dreams on, the first thing you have to do is BE, DO,and then HAVE. And it goes exactly in that order. If you want to BE a real estate investor, first, you must “BE” a real estate investor before you “DO” the things that real estate investor’s DO, before you “HAVE” the things that real estate investors HAVE. It’s just that simple. So when my wife is looking at me back in the day and she said,“Bobby you’re just crazy, you’re absurd. Why are you going out and telling everybody that you’re a real investor???” Because I knew what my heart was saying. As soon as I realized that’s what I wasgoing to do, I went around telling everybody right then and there that I was a real estate investor. I had absolutely no shame whatsoever and I know that sounds a little absurd.How are you going to tell somebody that you’re a real estate investor without doing your first big deal yet? Well, it’s not about that. You have to first BE a real estate investor before you DO the things that real investors do, before you HAVE the things the real estate investors have. I know it might be a mountain to overcome for some. But, if you want to become a real estate investor, if you want to become a doctor, stockbroker, entrepreneur, or philanthropist,…whatever it is, then you need to go tell everybody today “RIGHT NOW, DO NOT WAIT.” Go around and tell everybody you know right now that that’s what you are and that’s what you are going to do and then stick with it. Here’s your reason; Onceyou start BEing a real estate investor,then you “WILL” DO the things the real estate investors DO. I know, it’s the same thing that happened to me. Once you decide to Be, then you will Do. Then, you’ll start to HAVE what real estate investors’ have.
After all this, people might just look at you and say you’re “lucky” (even though luck had absolutely nothing to do with it).In truth, if you now HAVE what a real estate investor hasbecause you weren’t afraid to BE a real estate investor before you had what they HAVE. Nobody ever has what a real estate investor has before actually BEing a real estate investor first.Maybe a little simpler way of explaining this is; “You’vegotta BE a duck before you walk and talk like one. If you want to walk and talk like a duck, you mustfirst BE a duck.”
The beautiful part about BE DO HAVE is; “You can BE anything you set your dreams upon, starting right now.”
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Robert is a Real Estate Investor, Philanthropist, President of the Charleston REIA, & Author of the Keys to Cash Flow. Robert lives on an island outside of Charleston SC with his wife and two boys.

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